01.06.2021 um 09:40

High Performance Battery looking to kickstart serial production

Teufen AR - The start-up High Performance Battery AG has developed an environmentally friendly solid-state battery. By launching serial production in 2023, Eastern Switzerland is set to be positioned as a leader of technology within the international battery manufacturing sector.

For solid-state batteries, solid ion conductors are normally inserted into the battery in the form of prefabricated parts, according to a press release issued by High Performance Battery AG (HPB). In contrast to this conventional approach, HPB, a start-up based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea, has successfully developed the world's first solid-state battery for which a chemical reaction takes place inside the battery. This improves the environmental balance of the battery in addition to removing an obstacle towards serial production, the start-up from Teufen in the canton of Aargau writes in the press release.

The solid-state battery developed by HPB offers a 50 percent improvement in the environmental balance compared with lithium-ion batteries, can be manufactured without the use of cobalt and is fast charging. According to the press release, the solid ion conductor is also non-flammable, meaning that the solid-state battery is safe to use. The "extremely long" service life without diminished performance represents another advantage of the HPB innovation.

The start-up is now targeting serial production, which it hopes to start in 2023. A modular approach to production will be implemented, with the result that "easy scaling to the gigafactory level" should be possible. The location of Eastern Switzerland stands to benefit from this, with the press release explaining how the region could establish itself as a technology leader within the international battery production sector.