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The green solid-state battery: A new basic technology.
Safe, twice as green and almost infinite.


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01.06.2021 at 08:00

Introducing the Solid State Battery by High Performance Battery: Safer, Greener and Almost Infinite.

The global transition from non-renewable to renewable energy needs efficient storage technologies to be successful. While wind, solar and other renewable energies are gaining more and more ground, their viability is hindered by a lack of sustainable methods to store the energy they create. For the world to renounce fossil energy sources for electricity production in the long term, electricity producers, grid operators and consumers need intermediate storage facilities that are both efficient and practical.

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01.06.2021 at 09:40

High Performance Battery looking to kickstart serial production

Teufen AR - The start-up High Performance Battery AG has developed an environmentally friendly solid-state battery. By launching serial production in 2023, Eastern Switzerland is set to be positioned as a leader of technology within the international battery manufacturing sector.

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27.04.2021 at 08:00
Battery Industry

Solid-state battery has minimal environmental impact and maximum longevity

Conventional lithium-ion batteries still wear out "relatively quickly" after frequent charging. For the new smartphone generation with permanently integrated batteries, this can mean that you have to buy a completely new device. The problem with these batteries is that a so-called top layer is created during charging and discharging which consumes capacity and increases internal resistance. And the more often the battery is charged and discharged, the faster this layer grows and the battery loses power.

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The technology


patent applications

We have registered our basic patent in all major economic regions.


years of
basic research

Since the beginning of his scientific career, Günther Hambitzer has pursued his vision of solving battery ageing at its chemical root causes. The foundation was already laid in his 1989 dissertation, in which he was able to trace battery ageing in organic systems back to side reactions. With his habilitation in 1995, he formulated the foundations for a novel high-energy battery system. Since then, he has been pushing its further development to market maturity, both on a scientific and entrepreneurial level.


environmental balance

No critical raw materials are needed for the production. This also contributes to the overall improvement of the environmental balance by more than half compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.



A precursor technology (still liquid-based) has already successfully completed more than 50,000 charging cycles and has been in use for grid stabilisation in the USA since 2017.

Application fields (selection)

The new technology At a glance



deep dischargeable
(0-100% SoC)

practically no danger
of explosion

infinite service life
(> 100,000 cycles expected)

almost constant
capacity & performance


high specific energy

standard raw materials
(no cobalt, gold etc.)

competitive manufacturing costs

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