The solid state battery

A new basic technology.
Safe, twice as green and almost infinite.

By using the solid state electrolyte developed by us, the capacity of our battery will remain almost constant over its lifetime. No matter how heavy the battery is used. Our battery technology is safe because our electrolyte is non-flammable and the battery is non-explosive. No critical raw materials are needed for production. This also improves the environmental balance by more than half compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.


Press comments

27.04.2021 at 09:00
Innovation Origins

Feststoff-Akku mit brillanter Umweltbilanz und extremer Lebensdauer

Herkömmliche Lithium-Ionen-Akkus machen nach häufigen Ladevorgängen immer noch relativ schnell schlapp. Das kann bei der neuen Smartphone-Generation mit fest integrierten Akkus dann bedeuten, dass man sich ein komplett neues Gerät anschaffen muss. Das Problem bei diesen Batterien liegt darin, dass beim Laden und Entladen eine sogenannte Deckschicht entsteht, die Kapazität verbraucht und den Innenwiderstand erhöht. Und je häufiger der Akku geladen und entladen wird, desto schneller wächst diese Schicht und der Akku verliert an Leistung.

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21.04.2021 at 08:00
Wallstreet Online

Deutscher Feststoff-Akku mit hervorragender Umweltbilanz löst grundsätzliches Problem für Serienfertigung

- Akkuzelle besteht Tests zur grundsätzlichen Funktionalität

- Erste Produktionslinie von 100 MWh als modulare Einheit auf dem Weg zur Gigafactory in Planung - Fertigungsstart ab 2023

- Positionierung von Deutschland als Technologieführer in der Akku-Industrie

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26.03.2021 at 08:00

50% bessere Umweltbilanz als herkömmliche Lithium-Ionen-Akkus

Verlagsbeilage Green Economy

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The technology


patent applications

We have registered our basic patent in all major economic regions.


years of
basic research

Since the beginning of his scientific career, Günther Hambitzer has pursued his vision of solving battery ageing at its chemical root causes. The foundation was already laid in his 1989 dissertation, in which he was able to trace battery ageing in organic systems back to side reactions. With his habilitation in 1995, he formulated the foundations for a novel high-energy battery system. Since then, he has been pushing its further development to market maturity, both on a scientific and entrepreneurial level.


environmental balance

No critical raw materials are needed for the production. This also contributes to the overall improvement of the environmental balance by more than half compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.



A precursor technology (still liquid-based) has already successfully completed more than 50,000 charging cycles and has been in use for grid stabilisation in the USA since 2017.

Application fields (selection)

The new technology At a glance



deep dischargeable
(0-100% SoC)

practically no danger
of explosion

infinite service life
(> 100,000 cycles expected)

almost constant
capacity & performance


high specific energy

standard raw materials
(no cobalt, gold etc.)

competitive manufacturing costs

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We develop the markets for our solid-state battery through the fields of application. We license these exclusively by economic region. We finance ourselves through the sale of shares with a single share class, without capital rounds and dilution. We love win-win situations and believe that innovations become more successful through cooperation and lively exchange.

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