Long lasting batteries


A new basic technology.
Safer. Longer lasting. Greener.


The technology



Longer lasting.

10x longer cycle life 


50 % better environmental balance 


patent applications

We have registered our basic patent in all major economic regions.


years of
basic research

Since the beginning of his scientific career, Günther Hambitzer has pursued his vision of solving battery ageing at its chemical root causes. The foundation was already laid in his 1989 dissertation, in which he was able to trace battery ageing in organic systems back to side reactions. With his habilitation in 1995, he formulated the foundations for a novel high-energy battery system. Since then, he has been pushing its further development to market maturity, both on a scientific and entrepreneurial level.


environmental balance

No critical raw materials are needed for the production. This also contributes to the overall improvement of the environmental balance by more than half compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

(These values were calculated by independent experts.)



A precursor technology (still liquid-based) has already successfully completed more than 50,000 charging cycles and has been in use for grid stabilisation in the USA since 2017. The HPB solid-state batteries have been running for more than 12,500 cycles compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries with 1,250 cycles (1C/1C at 0-100% state of charge).

Application fields

Application fields (selection)

Press comments

Press comments

10.10.2023 at 07:30

Ewiger Akku? Das große Versprechen der neuen deutschen Wunderbatterie

Bislang hemmt vor allem die kurze Lebensdauer von Stromspeichern die Verkehrs- und Energiewende. Doch nun will ein Bonner Unternehmen mit einer neuen Batterie genau dieses Problem gelöst haben. Die Autoindustrie hat bereits Interesse angemeldet.

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03.04.2024 at 09:00
Press release HPB

HPB and ZNL Energy sign test agreement.

High Performance Battery Technology GmbH and ZNL Energy AS have signed a test agreement for ZNL Energy's innovative ZNL-NPx separator to further improve the series production of the HPB Solid-State Battery.

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10.04.2024 at 09:00
Media information HPB

HPB and cylib start collaboration.

High Performance Battery Technology GmbH and cylib GmbH start a collaboration to evaluate the sustainability by recycling of the HPB Solid-State Battery.

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