10.04.2024 at 09:00
Media information HPB

HPB and cylib start collaboration.

High Performance Battery Technology GmbH and cylib GmbH start a collaboration to evaluate the sustainability by recycling of the HPB Solid-State Battery.

→ cylib will evaluate the sustainability by recycling of the HPB Solid-State Battery.
→ Both companies started to explore the full range of opportunities for collaboration in the field of battery recycling.

HPB partners with cylib, a start-up for holistic and innovative battery recycling.

To create a sustainable circular economy, the proprietary cylib deep tech and end-to-end recycling technology offers an efficient resource- and climate friendly recovery of all battery raw materials, including lithium, graphite and nickel from battery packs or production scraps. Recycled materials are considered to possess a lower footprint than virgin raw materials. The cylib process increases this advantage due to a patent-filed CO2 efficient technology.

With the cylib process HPB expects to enhance the given easy recyclability of the HPB Solid-State Battery by innovative and climate-friendly recycling procedures all the way down to pyro- and hydrometallurgical extraction of raw materials. This allows for an even more sustainable transfer of waste from end-of-life batteries or production scrap into marketableproducts. Since the whole process is in one hand, also the processing of production scraps as well as black mass is possible.

HPB CEO Dr. Sebastian Heinz: "Today's mass battery production may turn out to be tomorrow's gigantic resource and disposal problem: To solve one sustainability problem, a new one would have been created. We are therefore delighted to partner with cylib to pave the way for a holistic and sustainable solution for recycling the HPB Solid-State Battery."