Our Philosophy

Genuine innovations arise when the obvious is questioned

Why do batteries age? Do batteries have to age? Can battery ageing be solved at its chemical root? These are the questions that have driven our research from the beginning.

Don't let stage victories distract you from your goal

Development steps succeed when knowledge and inspiration, diligence and perseverance work together. Not letting setbacks throw you off track is one thing - not letting moments of success lead you to stand still is another. Then it's a matter of keeping the goal in sight and moving on. We have been on this path for over 30 years. In the meantime it has become clear that it has been worth it.

The holy grail of battery research

Eternal battery life is possible - this has been proven by our development and independent measurements. The key to this is an innovative solid ion conductor that is first created in the cell itself during production. This means that our HPB solid-state battery can be charged and discharged many times without ageing appreciably. This goes hand in hand with enormous potential: for environmental protection and resource conservation as well as for application possibilities and economic efficiency.

For a sustainable energy future worthy of the name

Battery storage is essential for the success of the energy transition. With conventional batteries, however, we run the risk of solving sustainability problems by creating new sustainability problems. The HPB Solid State Battery can help solve this dilemma.

Against the mainstream until the time is right

Times are changing. Today, the urgency of an energy transition towards sustainability is recognised. For a long time, however, other problems seemed to take priority. Anyone who wants to develop a new basic technology needs staying power - above and beyond the ups and downs of the zeitgeist. Sometimes it is necessary to work against the mainstream. And at some point the time is ripe: for a better technology and its sustainable use in society.

Being able to act independently

If you want to go your own way unswervingly, you have to be independent: not only in the realm of ideas, but also materially. That is why economic independence is a cornerstone of our entrepreneurial activities. More than 250 private investors already give us the necessary freedom and their trust. This enables us to ensure that our technology does not disappear into the proverbial "golden drawer", but can actually unfold its potential for a sustainable energy system.

Supported by the right partners

Cooperation is indispensable for sustainable success. A new technology in itself does not make a summer of energy. Rather, it is important to build an "ecosystem" of relevant actors based on long-term cooperation. That is why we cultivate cooperation with partners from research and development, politics and the numerous application areas in which batteries can be used. And we remain open to new partnerships with people who want to advance a real energy transition.

Reliability instead of announcement management

The battery world is in turmoil. Political goals are becoming more ambitious, numerous gigafactories are in the planning stage, and companies are making a flurry of announcements about new developments. Quite often, however, these announcements turn out to be premature. We are convinced that reliable communication is not only essential for a socially supported energy transition, but also for long-term business success. That is why we only communicate what we can deliver.